Warm Stone

Warm stones massage begins with detoxifying aromatherapy massage oil. Next specially warmed basalt rocks of various sizes are combined with long, short and flowing strokes. One stroke with a warm stone said to be worth 10 normal massage stroke, so this penetrates deeply within to super relax and release all tension.

  • Duration:80 Minutes : IDR 350K

Foot Massage

This is an express massage that work on the foot using thumb and fingers slide. It will helps to stimulate and increase blood circulation.

  • Duration:30 Minutes : IDR 160K

Body Mask

A body mask is intended to detoxifying and refine the skin, this mask is formulated from natural ingredient, the mask left on your skin for about 15-25 minutes will follow by a shower and continue with body lotion application to keep your skin moisturize.

  • Duration:60 Minutes : IDR 300K
  • Foot Reflexology

    The foot as a map to all the body organ, stimulating the reflex points will help to create a feeling of wellbeing and increase blood circulation.

  • Duration:60 Minutes : IDR 230K
  • Back and Shoulder Massage

    Using Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage technique to strengthen and heal the body, this massage will focus just on your back, neck and shoulders using forearm and long stroke movement is good to reduce stiffness on your back.

    Duration and Price:

    30 Minutes : IDR 160K

    Indian Head Massage

    In spite of it’s name, Indian head massage involves work not only on your head but on the upper back, neck, shoulders and scalp. This massage does not only effect the immediate area massage it can be a healing, rejuvenating and stimulating experience.
    Duration and Price:

    • 30 Minutes : IDR 130K

    Balinese Lulur

    It is a traditional massage transmitted to the women of the royal family. Our therapist massage you with the original scrub blended herbs and spices. The “ Lulur “, there is a meaning of “ moisten your skin” , moisturizes the skin particles fine scrub off the old skin cells. You can use the efficacy of herbs and spices, and feel that the skin becomes smooth.
    Duration and Price:

    • 60 Minutes : IDR 350K

    Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

    This massage is a traditional Hawaii technique to create physical and mental relaxation. The techniques is using forearm and long stroke movement is good to reduce stiffness on your body.


    • 60 Minutes : IDR 300K